Tsuki ga Kirei (Song collection) are backgrounds and songs which were used in the anime, Tsuki ga Kirei.


The CD will be released on 5 July 2017. It will contain 34 tracks.

Together with Nao Tōyama singing for "First Love" and other 20 tracks accompanied by Takuro Iga Benefits by chain
■ Animate
Original bromide (scene illustration)
■ Gamers
Original bromide (scene illustration)
■ Seven Net Shopping
Original postcard (scene illustration)
■ amazon
Original postcard (scene illustration)



  1. Sprinng of Kawagoe, a new sprout
  2. Department activity
  3. If you are late and you are near your home
  4. Easy time
  5. EyeCatch
  6. Morning on a school trip
  7. Feelings to stand up
  8. The hustle and bustle of the girls' bath
  9. I want to speak more
  10. Ryōko-sensei and Roman
  11. Unpleasant premonition
  12. Frustration 1
  13. What is going to be?
  14. Elevation
  15. Confused
  16. Frustration 2
  17. Pinching and a small Yakimoti
  18. The Moon is shaking on the surface of the water
  19. Secretly ...
  20. Tears
  21. You are fine as you are
  22. Lovers
  23. Excitation
  24. Disappointment
  25. Noticing
  26. Like a fog
  27. Town of dusk
  28. Determination
  29. As the moon, so beautiful
  30. First Love (Edit Ver.)
  31. Kind Feelings (Edit Ver.)
  32. Summer Festival (Edit Ver.)
  33. Fragile (Edit Ver.)
  34. Into the Future (Edit Ver.)