"Howling at the Moon" (月に吠える(つきにほえる), Tsuki ni Hoeru?) is the third episode of the Tsuki ga Kirei anime series.


With the school trip looming, the third-years are abuzz with dating gossip. Meanwhile, Kotarō is busy with his writing, and Akane is working on her running performance.



After the athletic meeting is over, it is summer and the school mid term exam takes place. After the science paper, Kotarō goes to the shrine and reads a literary magazine to check his light novel submission result only to find out his work was not selected for the literature award. That evening, Kotarō's mother tells Kotarō to study for an exam. Kotarō feels not wanting to study, text messages with Akane in which both Akane and Kotarō encourage one another. The next day, after the mathematics paper, the exam is officially over and the third year students start to plan for the upcoming school trip. With the school trip looming, the third-years are abuzz with dating gossip. Meanwhile as usual, Kotarō is busy with his writing, and Akane is working on her running performance. After the Literature club activity, Kotarō prepares to head home when he sees Aira confessed by Tsubaba, offer to be her boyfriend which she agrees reluctantly and Chinatsu and Aoi talking about the relationship between Takumi and Akane. That night Akane and her family members talk about her dream High School, while decided to see her compete at the athletics meet. Meanwhile, Chinatsu is jogging when she recalls of Akane's superb performance at the last meet then encourages herself to do better. Sometime later, Kotarō text messages with Akane that he will have Neighbourhood Association activity at the shrine on Sunday, the same day as Akane's meet and that he will pray for Akane's success at the shrine. Akane and Kotarō becomes to keep in touch with LINE since then. On Sunday's athletics meet, Akane recorded her new personal victory at the athletics competition and goes to the shrine that evening where Kotarō is at to meet him after her phone ran out of battery. When both Kotarō and Akane look up at the moon, Kotarō thinks about Natsume Soseki's phrase: "The moon is beautiful, isn't it?" and the thought of asking Akane out comes across Kotarō's mind.

Ending LINE Chat

Ep 3 ending 1

Me: Heeey
Me: Heeeeeeeeey
Me: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey
Me: You still aren’t back home?
Me: Ever since you joined your club
Me: You haven’t spoken to me much
Me: I’m worried
Me: Sigh
Girlfriend: Sorry, I’m heading back now!
Girlfriend: Had to catch the last train
Girlfriend: You’re already sleeping, right?
Girlfriend: *Crying sticker: “I’m sorry!”*
Girlfriend: Goodnight…😭



  • "Howling at the Moon" (月に吠える(つきにほえる), Tsuki ni Hoeru?) is the first poetry album of Sakutaro Hagiwara published in 1917.
  • In the sub version when Aira tell her answer to Kaneko, the scene was muted. However in the dub version, she response "Fine".


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